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AMR Group is the first comprehensive marketing support services agency in Afghanistan. AMR’s mission is to provide actionable, evidence-based insights to its clients in a way that is credible, transparent, and affordable for private sector businesses that wish to maximize their advertising budgets.
AMR Group

Our story

As 2014 came to a close, it became clear to everyone working in the Afghan private sector that the party was coming to an end. As foreign military forces and non-government organizations left the country, so did the high-dollar service and support contracts that had largely fueled the Afghan economy.


In a leaner, more competitive economy, companies would have to get smarter with their marketing activities and budgets or face an untimely end.


Work began on Afghanistan Monitoring & Research (AMR) in November 2014, and by January 2015 the company received its business license. Projects in 2015 were mainly related to monitoring advertising on Afghan television and radio, but by 2016 AMR was also conducting research in areas ranging from shampoo preferences to employment trends.


In early 2017 AMR completed its first video production assignment, and the concept of a group of companies was born. AMR Group now consists of three subsidiary companies: Afghanistan Monitoring & Research (media monitoring and market research), AMR Production (visual media production and event management), and Rooms Advertising Services (property advertising).

AMR Group

Why choose us?

Local Expertise

AMR is operated by professionals with a deep understanding of and experience in the Afghan media and marketing sectors. We understand the local market and how to collect data that is directly relevant to our clients’ marketing strategies.


High Tech Solutions

AMR has already broken new ground in Afghanistan by introducing audio recognition technology to monitor our clients’ ad placements. We expect more breakthroughs in the years to come by using online, phone-based, and smartphone applications to push forward the market research field in the country.


Transparent Data Collection

Our office is always open to visitors who wish to see our data collection methodologies first-hand. Additionally, all broadcast recordings and phone survey recordings are archived for six months for review, if necessary, at a future date.

AMR Group

About AMR Founder and CEO David Fox

David has worked in and around the Afghan media sector since January 2013, serving as the Media Relations Manager at the American University of Afghanistan, as well as in senior management positions at GroupOne Media. Prior to living in Afghanistan, David was based in Jordan working as an English copywriter for two of the most prominent agencies in marketing and public relations in the Middle East, Mindshare MENA and Asda’a Burson-Marsteller, respectively. David graduated with Honors from Emory University with a BA in Middle East and South Asian Studies.